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GettyImages-830755402So fellow celebrities are now starting to speak up for our sweet sister, Mo’nique baby! If you all aren’t already caught up with what’s been going on here’s a review. Following the Precious actress appearance on The Breakfast Club this past Friday, she began trending again. The Phat Girlz star pulled out the big guns and was ready for a full out war honey! She was NOT there to play with Charlamagne Tha God.  For a “not so relevant” comedian, as many were saying, the  interview gained  over two million views in just three days! Chance The Rapper got into formation with other celebs such as, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Wanda Sykes to support the comedic legend. The Chicago rapper posted a series of tweets, “I’m With Mo’Nique,” he wrote. “Anybody remember when Mo’Nique filmed a special in a women’s correctional facility? Black women. You deserve better.” Well let’s hope for Mo’nique’s sake that more people take a stance with her. #WeLoveYouForReal

i.jpgKevin Durant is helping the community in a major way!  The NBA champ has created a partnership with his hometown, Prince George’s County, to assist less wealthy children attend college.  Kevin invested $10 million in College track, which is a program that is constructed to help kids during their education journey. According to The Washington Post‘s Thomas Heath, Durant’s $10 million investment will “seed construction and operating expenses of a local chapter.” The College Track program provides tutoring, test prep, guidance on picking the right colleges, and more. “I want them to see the world,” Durant told Heath. “I want them to see where people are from and see that there are things outside their world. I don’t know exactly or at what pace that they will get it, but there is a world outside that they need to see.” Durant’s College Track branch will be the first to launch on the East Coast. You go boy! #Dope

blac-chyna#Update So if you all have been Keeping Up With Chyna, you should know that her and her lawyers are in the process of finding out who is responsible for leaking her sex tape. We’re not sure if sis tried to pull a #KimKardashian move, but everything about this stunt situation is just falling apart. So now, apparently, a few people have made death threats against her attorneys #LisaBloom and #WalterMosley.  The threats have been so harmful, that the LAPD has had to step in honey!  In December of last year, Mosley received a pretty vulgar text which read, “I will be showing up at your house soon next Friday motherf*****. I still have your address. Me and partner will do our inspection. We coming to murder your ass if you at home.” @TMZ_Tv reported that the suspect even included his former address. Lisa Bloom also received an Instagram DM which said, “Chyna holding her hand you a soul less motherf*****. So when I give my partner the okay to stab the hell out of you on your nice floor you have … see life aint easy. I’m going keep watching you. When I’m sick of you then I kill you.” Chile. . We don’t know what to say, but the great Nene Leaks did say, ” You NEVER win when you play dirty.”

DFCBC48D-370F-4844-BD4D-2239148CC33F-4383-0000039A-triangle.jpgOn Monday night, Khia went live on Instagram around 8 p.m for the debut of her new online show, “Gag Order”.  Khia’s new show came as a result of her and TS Madison’s  previous online show “The Queens Court” absolutely falling apart. While on live, Khia accused her former co-host, Ts Madison, of completely stealing her idea for “The Queens Court”. Khia claimed that Madison trademarked their previous show’s name and bought the website unbeknownst to her.  When Madison caught wind of what was being said, she immediately took to her Facebook live and starting coughing up receipts. Sis said she was, “Coming to clear her name up!” Madison fired back, accusing Khia of not contributing a dime to invest in the trademarking of their brandname or website. To make matters worse, Madison claimed that Khia was sitting right next to her while she was purchasing the website! Madison then went on to further explain that her main concern was to protect their brand; just like she is now protecting her name. I’m so confused; I do not know who to believe! Let me me know what ya’ll think.

blac-chyna-carChyna’s blowjob, blows up social media.. no literally! So, this Monday, while everyone was supposed to be honoring Presidents’ day, Blac Chyna was being honored for a whole other reason baby! Evidently, Blac Chyna was recorded giving subpar fellatio to a man, who at the time, revealed himself as her ex, Mechie.  After more investigation, and more video footage of the leaked sex tape, turns out, it wasn’t even him, hmmph. Anywho, as you all probably could imagine, Chyna was not at all pleased with the ordeal.  So, she contacted her lawyer faster than Tyga’s car got repossessed. They are currently working with the police to find out who is responsible for leaking the footage, but in the meantime Black twitter turned her pain into a trending topic. Don’t believe me? Just search hashtag #BlacChyna and you will see.

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