About Me

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Although she loves talking about herself, she opted to keep it short. Standing at 5’4″, her view on life is not much like anyone else of her stature. Her inventiveness and unique perspectives have always allowed her to set herself apart from most. Monisha, which most may know as Mo, is a 23-year old Miami native, who currently resides in Palm Beach County, FL. Her witty wordplay, mixed with her interest in writing, led to her joining the School of Communications and Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University. There she cultivated her expertise in multimedia journalism and broadcasting. Shortly after graduating, she landed a job at WPTV; one of the biggest news stations in Palm Beach County. After being there for some time, she realized she wanted more out of life. She wanted to finally start living! Her passion for writing never faded, but her dreams of becoming a famous celebrity blogger/reporter reignited. Now..  she’s on her way. .  to making those dreams..  come ALIVE.

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