Tamar Braxton: Tells Us The Measures She Took To Keep Her Man Satisfied

Tamar-Yellow-Dress-TV-ShowOne thing’s for sure, you should never try to change your appearance solely for a man. If you would like to make changes for you AND him, then that’s fine, but to do it with the intentions of just pleasing him and not yourself, is where you lose yourself. Our girl Tamar stopped by The Steve Harvey Show and revealed how she went through this in her most recent relationship with Vince Herbert. When Steve Harvey asked, have you ever changed anything for a man? Tamar immediately began confessing like Usher baby! The newly single singer said, “Absolutely! I believe in that though. I believe in being attractive for your mate.” She also admitted, “I used to have all blonde wigs. I still have 150,000 of them at my house since I shaved my hair off. Vince liked blonde head, light, fair women, and I just wasn’t born with no blonde hair. But for me, I think that’s a responsibility that women have, is to stay current for your man,” Tamar explained. Well we’re glad sis took that shackle off her head so she could slay. We like you better this way: Bald, Bold, and Beautiful #YesGawd


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