XXXTentacion: Video Footage Has Been Released Of The Rapper Hitting A Woman

XXXTentacion-LookingForAStarJust when XXXTentacion thought he had escaped his past, it came back to bite him in the worst way possible! In case you all didn’t know, the rapper was accused of domestic violence back in 2016, and has an open case regarding that matter. Now, a few days after he has been released from house arrest, an old video of the top charting artist hitting a woman has flooded the internet. According to TMZ, Police say the video is currently under review, and it could potentially affect his domestic violence case. While it is still unclear when this video was filmed, it is quite evident that the video is incredibly old. However, what is clear, is that he punched a woman in the face, new or old. The rapper’s attorney told TMZ that, “the video was taken completely in jest.”  She truly believes that he has changed, and that people are just trying to destroy him during the most successful point in his career. #Welp. You do the crime you pay the time. We have no remorse for a woman beater


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