Kandi Burruss: Porsha’s Antics Are Still Driving Her Crazy


The Fake People singer sat down with Andy Cohen after Sunday’s night episode of The  Real Housewives of Atlanta and discussed her feelings towards Porsha Williams. When asked how she felt about what happened on their Barcelona trip, the former Xscape member simply said that sadly this is “a situation she [Porsha] brought on herself.” Kandi explained, “A lot of times, I feel like she’s good at playing the victim.” The mother of two continued, “She [Porsha] admitted when she was on the show with you that she didn’t think that I would do something like what she put out there to the world. So it’s like, why would you say it in front of a TV camera? And now you can’t be mad that other people are looking at you crazy.” Kandi also thought that Porsha was being a little sensitive about the altercation that occurred between her and Marlo Hampton. “We all were having fun, they were all taking digs at the table, and then all of a sudden, [Porsha] started crying about the doormat,” Kandi laughed. “So I was like, ‘Wait, why is she crying about a doormat?’ And then it just went left. I do think that it just went out of control, but you know how we are — if we’re nearby, and she started fanning that fan in Marlo’s face, of course, Marlo’s going to snatch it out her hand, which took it to the next level,” Kandi explained.  What do ya’ll think? Should they cut Porsha some slack? Is Kandi dragging this out for too long?

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