Rihanna: Is Planning To Have A Pickney With Boyfriend Hassan Jameel

nintchdbpict000335071472 A source who spoke to Hollywood Life, claims the Love On The Brain singer is seriously considering relocating to Europe and making it her new permanent home. The pop star wants settle down and guess what? Start a family!!! The Bad Gal herself is ready to have a pickney! French media outlets reported that Rihanna and her billionaire boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, were seen house hunting out in Paris. A close friend of the Bajan star said, “Rihanna is deep in love with Hassan, and she has begun to plan for a future with him.” The friend continued with,” She and Hassan mostly meet up in Europe; it is a good midway point for them. But now she is talking about making it her full-time base so she can have even more time with him.” Hmmm, looks like this Rude Boy can get it up when the Sex With Me singer wines pon’ di cocky. The source also revealed that, “They are very serious, and now that Rihanna has hit the big 3-0 she is thinking about stuff like marriage and family a lot more.” Awww, we are pleased to see that the We Found Love singer has indeed found love. #LoveWins

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