Nicki Minaj: Anaconda Rapper Don’t Want No-thing To Do With Ex Safaree

Screen-Shot-2015-04-15-at-14.06.33While most of Twitter land is eating up Safaree’s beef cake, Nicki Minaj is absolutely NOT here for her ex, baby! The Beez In The Trap rapper has been quietly working on her album and does not want to be affiliated with this type of press whatsoever. Safaree’s nudes were said to be leaked online by an unknown person. However, Nicki has a whole other theory; The Pound The Alarm rapper slammed her ex by saying that she’s convinced that he’s in fact the one who leaked his pics for clicks. A source close to the femcee said that Nicki “wasn’t surprised” and that she is “embarrassed” for her ex for stooping so low in order to gain attention and publicity for his music. Well, The Love & Hip Hop star stopped by “The Breakfast Club” this morning to speak on the situation for the first time. Safaree insisted that he did not leak his own photos, and also added, “It’s not something I want out there; you know what I’m saying? My nieces, they follow me, they watch everything I do, and my mom and my sisters….” he said. He explained that he took pics of himself and saved the images to his Snapchat without sending them to anyone. “It’s overwhelming,” he admitted. “My phone…I’ll let you look through my DMs. I want people to chill. Like, you all are going crazy with the DMs and stuff.” Well there you have it. This is Safaree’s story and he is sticking to it. Ya’ll believe him or nah?


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