NBA Youngboy: He Can’t Seem To Stay Out Of Trouble


NBA-Youngboy-Chain-Snatched-In-North-CarolinaSo, on Saturday night, NBA Youngboy was arrested in Tallahassee, FL prior to a scheduled club appearance he had later that night at Club Moon. Apparently, the No Smoke rapper was arrested for an outstanding kidnapping warrant.  Law enforcement sources divulged that once the rapper was stopped,  police ran his record and discovered that he was a “fugitive from Georgia,” for allegedly committing assault, weapons violations, and kidnapping. This comes after TMZ reported that police were called to a Georgia hotel about a disturbance, where he and his girlfriend were staying; in the hotel room police found blood. Here is security footage of him body slamming his girlfriend.  However, Youngboy’s girlfriend, Jania, is denying all accusations being thrown at her man; sis claims they were “just playing.” Mind you, this is the same girl that the rapper allegedly made sleep on a couch in a hotel’s lobby back in January. It was said that he forced her to sleep on the couch while he entertained other guests. Following the rumor, they both denied the allegation. Jania claimed it wasn’t as “bad as it seemed” and that she slept outside of the hotel room because she “wanted to” #GirlBye.  He is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. We’ll keep you updated.

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