Kodak Black: When The Police Don’t Like To See You Winning

kodak-black-miami-aug-2017-billboard-1548.jpgLast month, the rapper Kodak Black’s Pembroke Pines home was invaded shortly after a response from the police about a domestic dispute at his residence. During the raid the No Flockin’ rapper was on Instagram Live. Although he had absolutely nothing to do with the occurrence, he was charged with several counts, which included: possession of 20+ grams of marijuana, two counts of possession of a weapon by a felon, grand theft of a firearm, two counts of probation violation, plus child neglect. Now, the Tunnel Vision rapper is fighting for his freedom baby! He claims that there is no concrete evidence to prove that the guns or weed that were featured in his Instagram Live video were even real. And his attorneys were right there with the assist, backing Kodak’s claims by explaining that he and his team “often produce music videos and other promotional videos, as is customary in the industry, using fake firearms and narcotics.” Now, they are asking for all charges to be dropped. As of now, the judge has dismissed three of the charges: child neglect, grand theft of firearm, and possession of firearm. Kodak said, “they don’t like to see you winning,” let’s just see who ultimately wins #FreeKodak.

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